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TrendMicro B2B Lead Generation

TrendMicro B2B Lead Generation

TrendMicro B2B Lead Generation

B2B Lead Generation

B2B Lead Generation


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B2B leadgen


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About TrendMicro

Trend Micro Inc. is a global leader in enterprise cloud security, XDR, and cybersecurity platform solutions for businesses, data centers, cloud environments... They both have B2C & B2B software products.

What were they looking for?

For their European division they were looking for B2B leads. Specifically for their XDR solution, which automatically protects data systems against cyber threats. Their target groups are mainly C-level: chief information security officers & managers of the cyber security team within those organisations. Not so easy to find.

Our solution?

We rolled out a full B2B leadgen offering:

> social content

> finding the right data (specialized software tools & scraping) - we found ±230k contacts (with phone/email/social links) - to be used for e-mail & social retargeting data

> e-mail marketing

> social ads towards a webinar 'track & trace a hacker' - with social retargeting custom data (Facebook & LinkedIn)

> LinkedIn lead funnels

> Retargeting Ads

> A/B testing, optimizing, follow-up

Success factors?

it's the combination of social content, social ads, e-mail marketing, linkedin automated bots and retargeting ads that makes sure that our target group of +230k potential clients convert to the maximum potential, and that on a not so easy target group & niche software product to sell


The campaign is still running, but we generated 1000+ event subscribers already.

AD SPent:
User generated:
Revenue Generated:


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